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New Goals

SMASH your 2019 Goals!

Last year in 2017, I used this strategy to create my 2018 Goals, and I SMASHED my 2018 goals, reaching every goal I set for the year! I wanted to share this strategy with you for FREE! 2019 is our year to Level Up! Create those goals and SMASH them!!!


·            Did you make any goals last year?

·         Did you accomplish any of those goals?

·         What were your top 2 setbacks for not accomplishing your goals or what you desired last year?

·         What can you do to avoid these for next year?


·         When setting goals its important that you don’t just randomly pick stuff. Our goals should align with where we desire to see ourselves in life.

·         When thinking about goals its important that our WHOLE being is being fed. This also allows for a healthy balance in the end.


Please list the following categories in your notebook:

1.       Marriage/Relationships

2.       Children/Family

3.       Friendship/ Circles/Community

4.       Spiritual

5.       Business/Career/Finances

6.       Yourself- (Physical, emotional, mentally, time for yourself)


Creating goals for every aspect of your life, allows for you to be your very best in every area of your life.

Now that you have goals for every area. Which areas/goals will be your top two priorities. These areas may shift from year to year or even within the year.

Now that you have the Master Plan... Do you need help creating an Action Plan to get it done?
Do you need Support?
Do you need Accountability?
If you answered yes to any of these , click Help Now, for additional assistance with your goals!
In 2018 when I met all my goals, I found that the biggest key to my success was have like-minded people around me to Support me and Accountability!