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health & Wellness


Health & Wellness

Workshop Title: Living the Fitabulous Life

Black women are dominating in academia, business, and entrepreneurship, but often at the expense of our health and wellness. Stress, sleep deprivation, inactivity, and poor diets are putting us on the fast track to chronic diseases like obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart disease. These diseases are hugely preventable if you are willing to make yourself a priority and commit to a healthier lifestyle. During the "Living the Fitabulous Life" session, Coach Fee, CEO, the Fab2Fit Academy, will share tips to help even the busiest mom lose weight, increase energy, enjoy better sex, reduce or eliminate medications, prevent chronic disease and more. You are already fabulous. Come find out how to be fit AND fabulous so you can live a Fitabulous life!

Leadership & influence

Leadership, Confidence & Influence in Business/Career

Workshop Title: Don't doubt your impact!

This session will equip you to confidently lead and walk in your purpose as you impact and influence within your business and career. We will discuss how to reframe our thoughts, acknowledge our wins, and a roadmap to develop and sustain our influence and impact in career and business. If you find yourself doubting yourself occasionally  or questioning whether or not you have what it takes to excel in leadership and influence in the areas of business and career, this session is for YOU! You will leave this session empowered, encouraged, and elevated to WALK IN YOUR PURPOSE! 

Healthy Relationships


Healthy Relationships

Workshop Title: Healthy Friendships

In today's society, there are not many positive images of what having a good girlfriend is and examples of healthy relationships among women. In this session you will learn how to find/create and cultivate relationships with other women to establish healthy friendships. 

General Session for ALL attendees (Sunday Panel)

Finance & Wealth

Finance & Wealth

Workshop Title: RISE- Financial Strategies to Close the Wealth Gap

According to the "Economic Impact of Closing the Wealth Gap"*, the average difference in net worth between Black and White families is about $154,000. This gap is large, persistent, and growing. At the current rate, it will take 228 to 240 years to close. We will join Reveal Wealth for a candid conversation about how this gap was created, and what can be done to close it. Topics to be discussed will include: How to properly invest in the equity markets to achieve wealth, Overcoming some of the pitfalls that stagnate wealth creation, Understanding and achieving true generational wealth, Thinking about the impact of taxes and other decisions on your wealth creation journey, Examining net worth & Much more.

General Session for ALL attendees

Marketing for mompreneurs



Workshop Title: Marketing Magic for Modern Mompreneur's

Having trouble with pricing, visibility of your busniess, getting new customers/clients? This workshop will help you get crystal clear on your idea client, get clear on messaging, where to find your ideal client and what to say when you show up! Learn strategies to get more visibility in the marketplace to drive more sales for your product and/or service. Walk away from this workshop being confident in who you serve, why you serve them, why you charge "your price" and a clear marketing plan. 

Legacy & Estate planning


Legacy & Estate Planning

Workshop Title: Preparing for the Future, In the Present

We as moms live day to day doing what we believe is best for our families but so often we exclude what's best for them when the time comes for us to no longer be here. Estate Planning and life insurance are essential but so many of us exclude them from our life plans. Whether it's because death is scary, we think we have time, or we don't think we have enough "assets", we tend to shy away from them. Join me at this workshop to learn why estate planning should be at the top of your to do list this year!

Motherhood & Life

Motherhood & Life

Workshop Title: Chasing Dreams & Motherhood

How do I still go after my dreams when I have so many other responsibilities, limited time and for some limited resources? What does maintaining rhythm as a mom look like? What does being a successful mommy and human look like? How do I go raise these babies and still find time to go after purpose and passion? Find answers to these questions and more from our Celebrity Mom and virtual Keynote Speaker, Erica Campbell. 

General Session for ALL attendees