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SHEnetworks Personal Development Network is for Women looking to Learn, Grow & Launch!
In this Community of Women you will be Encouraged, Inspired and Empowered to do that thing you always desired in your life. From your personal life and household management, such as Time-Management, Organization & Planning , Self-Care & Personal Branding.
If this is you & you are ready to launch into your next level of Success, Take action now!
You will have access to Empowerment calls with Live Q &A, Private Facebook Group, Community of like-minded Women, Support, Accountability, Feedback, Tips & Strategies on Managing Home & Life and living the Life you Desire NOW!
Please see membership features & benefits for full details. 
Our Membership Network is for ALL Women-Married, Single, Mothers, etc.
Our membership community age ranges from 24-59


You are ready to manage your time better to be more productive!

You want changes in your Life and/or Business!

You are ready to Take Action & Live the Dream Life you always Desired!

You are ready to get out your own way and be the BEST YOU!

You are ready to Build a Legacy!

You are ready to move out of your comfort zone & be Empowered to another level!

You are ready to Join a Community for Support & Accountability!

You are ready to be Inspired & Motivated!

You need help with Time Management!

You need help with Organization & Planning!

You are ready to Learn, Grow & Launch!



You are ok with where you are in life.

Legacy is not important to you.           

Growth is not important to you.

You like being comfortable.

Not ready to learn, grow and launch.

Once you are apart of this community,

you won't want to leave

but if you happen to need to cancel,

Membership can be canceled at any time, please see the policy.

Quarter 2 of 2021 starts

April 1st- May 6th

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Group Coaching Program

Features & Benefits

  • 2 (30 min) 1:1 coaching sessions 

  • Weekly virtual coaching sessions as a group

  • Monthly Training Calls

  • Detailed Action Plan

  • On Demand Access to Training Videos

  • Unlimited Support

  • Unlimited Accountability

  • Create a Custom Blueprint for Time Management

  • Become intentional about priorities 

  • Provide Strategies to eliminate procrastination 

  • Plan Strategically for the week

  • Organize key areas in your home & in your life so that you will flow efficiently, effectively & smoothly from day to day

  • Become intentional about building in “ME” time

  • Get your kids on track

  • Discover your purpose as a Mom

  • Get clarity on the Legacy you are building 

  • Build a Personal Brand to encourage & inspire those around you (especially your children)

  • Join a network of like-minded Moms

Meet Coach Tramika

Tramika Craddock, Certified Lifestyle Coach & Mompreneur for 12+ years, is a strategist who helps women with strategies for favorable outcomes. She works with clients to help them utilize their strongest skills and abilities and shift their thinking to create effective action plans to move them to the next place of success, in whatever area it is that they are "stuck" in their lives.

Tramika Craddock specializes in coaching Moms to find a healthy balance between Life, Family & Business!

She does this by teaching Strategies & Systems & Providing Real Task for Real Results!


Tramika has coached & mentored women, both young and old for numerous years. She has helped them to overcome doubt, fear and procrastination. Walking them through a process of strategic steps to guide them to the next place in their lives. Those areas have been low self-esteem, gaining or establishing healthy relationships including marriage, entrepreneurship and others. As a Certified Life Coach she takes things to the next level. Not only with her current clients & mentees, but she has inspired many women world, local & internationally. Not only has she help to obtain success for her mentees & clients, she has her own personal success, as a Wife, Mother and in Business, she is a Wife-Mom-Preneur!

You will also Gain Immediate Access to our

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If you know there is more to life than what you are currently living. If you are ready to maximize on the gifts and talents that's already inside of you and live your Best Life Now! If you are ready to pursue your Dreams without compromising Family. If you are ready to be more productive, feel supported and empowered, SHEnetworks is for YOU!

6  Power Packed Sessions


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