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Coaching Services

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Individual Coaching Packages

  • One on One Sessions

  • Monthly Coaching Sessions

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions

Sessions are tailored to fit the need of the client. These coach/client packages are over a period of 60-120 days and include follow-up, accountability checks and homework. If you would like complete package information and cost.

Group Coaching

Session(s) offered to a group. Group coaching allows for lower cost to the client and a community, accountability, feedback and support.

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Individual Success Strategies Sessions also available.

Single brainstorming sessions.

Want to see if Tramika is available for your workshop?
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Ideal for groups of 2-20
Empowerment Speaker
Want to see if Tramika is available to speak at your next Event?
Ideal for groups of 20+